Why Walkable?

I am a walkable community evangelist because living in a walkable neighbourhood does the following:
makes us stronger and fitter - health
helps us lose weight  - beauty
gets us out meeting our neighbours -  community
gets us that litre of milk - convenience
frees up money for more discretionary spending - money
reduces our carbon footprint - environment
makes us less dependent on cars and people - independence

................ I bet you could add one more item to this list?

I feel strongly that if you move from your car dependent home to a walkable community you will lose 8 lbs in a year without even trying.  I did! So many people tell me that moving to a walkable neighbourhood was one of the best decisions they've made in their life time, they just wish they'd done it sooner.
I will help you make an intentional decision to improve your  lifestyle. I have done it myself and I have never been happier!

Let me help you find your walkable community and home with my network of specialists.

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